Apr 02

Millionomics: My Journey to Gaining Financial Freedom

It is the true story of a common man’s journey to becoming a millionaire after his arrival in the United States—the story of a man who started from ground up to gain financial freedom in a new land. This book is short and practical volume about living well and saving smartly.

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Shiv Verma illustrates how to create a successful financial model based on simple and educated decisions. This book walks the reader through a model based loosely on the lessons Shiv’s father taught him before he passed away. Shiv explains how he modified and replicated his father’s model into something he now calls the “smart savings model” and shows how it can be recreated in a variety of environments. By maintaining the strong and adaptable system of “smart savings” and finding your own personal “commit force,” you can be on the path to achieving financial freedom sooner than you expected.

Millionomics is an easy to read book that can be finished in a single sitting. Readers of all ages, regardless of where they stand financially or what their goals are, will leave with a new perspective on how to save more money without sacrificing a high quality of life. Shiv teaches readers how to set practical goals and prepare for the unexpected events that throw life off course at times. He takes you on a year-by-year journey and uses his own life and spending as a concrete example of how he became a millionaire by simply saving. This book proves that with planning and conscious spending, wealth is not an unattainable goal!

With this book you can identify your “commit force” and start your journey today. There are no tricks or gimmicks, no magic, no shortcuts here—just an easy to follow concept and some inspiration. You will learn how to save wiser, spend more consciously, and invest smartly. Are you ready for a change?

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How is the book organized

  • Chapters: I have laid out the chapters in form of years to show the flow of my gradual progress and challenges, year after year.
  • Events: In each chapter, I have attempted to touch on my the experiences and events that shaped my financial life.
  • Insightful Tips: I have attempted to insert the most valuable and insightful tips that I learned from each life experience.
  • Financial Charts: I demonstrate my financial journey in the form of charts at the end of each chapter to show and summarize everything I touched on in a graphical manner.
  • Spending and Investment Insights: I also provide some insight into my spending habits and investment approach and how they evolved over the years.
Apr 01

How to cut your Insurance Bills in 1-2-3 Easy Steps

Insurance is a commonly included item in most of our budgets. While the type of insurance may be different like home insurance, health insurance or car or insurance, it goes without saying that if you manage to save some money on your insurance bill, you can make a considerable difference to your budget as well.

Here are 3 easy steps to cut back your insurance bill and save some money in the process.

1) Pay Higher Deductibles

Paying more money to save money does seem a bit counter-intuitive at first. But here’s how it works. When you agree to pay a higher deductible, the insurance company looks upon this as a favor from your side. Now the insurance company decides to reciprocate by extending a discount in your insurance premiums. After all, you are taking off a burden off the company’s shoulders (albeit small) by paying a higher deductible until the insurance benefits kick in.

2) Many Insurances One Provider

It is very common for an average individual to have more than 1 type of insurance. Majority of the folks have insured their homes, their cars and their health with different insurance companies.

You may have chosen different providers because you were approached by them at the time of your need. But most of the insurance companies do not limit themselves to a single type of insurance. They do offer coverage for all major types of insurance.

What you can do is compare the different companies and then select one of them which has an affordable coverage plan. Now approach this company and intimate them of your decision to merge your other insurances along with the one you already have with them. So if this company is already providing you home insurance coverage, indicate that you would like them to handle your health insurance and auto / car insurance as well.

This is a win-win situation for both of you, because the insurance company gets more business and reciprocates by extending considerable discounts in premiums to you.

3) Don’t Stop Shopping

Don’t be under the impression that you need to stick with the insurance company you currently have. It always helps to look around for more lucrative deals. Chances are that you will stumble upon better discounts or better coverage plans if you look around.

The best way to do this is to keep track of the latest entrants into the insurance market, because these are the companies that are eager to land new customers and build their business. Subscribing to one or two popular websites that deal with review and updates about insurance companies should do the trick for you.