There is a 99% chance that retirement is going to be a real thing, so why not start as early as you get the opportunity? Start early to keep aside a certain percentage for your retirement and it won’t be a stretch later.

Target to reach a point of savings by the age of retirement that pays you back almost like a decent monthly salary for the rest of your life. This is tricky, but the key to all this is just making sure to start as early as you can. With the concept of bonds and compound interest, these small savings each year can multiple to what you need in a few decades. As I always say, the key is that you need to commit yourself!

I will be using this page to provide links to some of my future blogs related to retirement saving’s most insightful information. As I work towards building this section, please keep visiting and here are few quick ones for you to get the thought going further around retirement savings:

  • Make sure to be diversified with your retirement savings approach. In other words, never put your eggs in one basket. Don’t take too much risk, just be moderate and you shall see the magic!
  • In addition to your 401K, explore the IRA option (Roth, etc)
  • Make sure to invest in life insurance plans that start paying you back after you reach retirement age. Avoid investing in life insurance plans that have a return when you are deceased.
  • Always diversify your stocks and bonds while making sure you keep yourself at moderate risk.

 A simple fact that is hard to learn is that the time to save money is when you have some. 

- Joe Moore

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