Apr 27

How Does Millionomics Help Your Financial Health Attain Paradigm Status?

Budgeting and financial planning is what many of us have done, are doing now and will keep doing in the future. There is nothing quite great about this. But if your financial planning has helped you achieve a paradigm status, then that is definitely a huge thing.

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I have tried my best to present genuine ideas and tips to help your financial health achieve paradigm status, throughout each page of my book – Millionomics. By the time you finish reading the book, you will realize that I managed to do a herculean task in my life, i.e. I succeeded in achieving paradigm status in my financial health. The best part about Millionomics is that anyone who reads and implements the money management tips described in it can also follow in my footsteps and look forward to achieving paradigm status on his / her financial health.

20+ Points that Millionomics Touches Upon

If you haven’t yet read this book, then you might be wondering how I can help your financial health to become more robust. There are 7 main points that my book touches on and attempts to motivate my readers to achieve in their own lives.

1) Accumulate thrice your annual income by age 40

Fidelity Investments released a report in 2012 that stated that if any employee had managed to accumulate thrice his annual income by the age 35, then it was the first confirmation that he would indeed reach the retirement finish line. You will see in my book, how I managed to get this done by age 38 and you too can follow my example.

2) It is better to save one spouse’s income for dual income couples

Using just one spouse’s income to cover all the expenses and bills and saving the other spouse’s income in its entirety is a huge leap towards building robust savings. You will find out in my book about ways to adjust your expenses in a limited amount per month and save the rest.

3) Don’t allow your expenses to grow with your income each year

Income that you earn at the age of 30 years is definitely much better than what you earned a decade ago at age 20. That is a good thing, but what is not good is allowing your expenses to grow in proportion to your income. Find easy and practical tips in Millionomics to limit your expenses without having to do any major sacrifices.

4) Have a car replacement account

Instead of paying for the installments on a car loan, it is better to keep this money aside to fund a car replacement account. That way you save money that would be otherwise spent in paying interest on your car loan. Check out the book to see how I managed to get rid of my car loan and escaped wasting money on interest.

5) Buy a home that costs within 2- 2.5 times of your income and keep your mortgage within 80 % of home value

Buying within your means is important and this needs restraint. You can see in my book about the process that I put myself through to get a cheaper mortgage rate.

6) Make a will

It is foolish to postpone making your will, thinking that you will make your will before you die, because death never comes announced. Having a will in place helps your descendants to manage their lives better even after your death. See in my book how I created my will.

7) Set aside at least 2 % (or more) of your income for the right causes

If you give charity, then it means you are in full control of your finances. A person who is in full control over his finances will tolerate any upheavals in his financial life in a better fashion than the others who have not yet achieved control. Read my book to see how much money I kept aside for charity.

Would love to know more points and really see how I achieved them day by day, month by month and year by year? How about I let you read the book by clicking here :-) !

These points form the backbone of any robust financial planning and if implemented appropriately, can undeniably guarantee paradigm status to anyone’s financial health. Read Millionomics to get a step by step guide to reach this financial goal.

Apr 25

Millionomics-A Practical Guide to Money Management and Savings

Millionomics is a multipurpose book by Shiv Verma that offers practical and effective insights to managing one’s financial affairs in the best possible manner. It also attempts to help the reader in taking buying decisions that are based on wants rather than buying according to one’s whims and fancies. In addition to all these there are plenty of useful tips to save money for retirement, tips about points to note before buying a car, facts to consider before getting a new credit card, some handy travelling tips, mortgage tips and so much more.

What Makes Millionomics Different Than the Other Books?

Reading Millionomics will definitely be a new and pleasant experience for you and the first impression that hits you (especially if you had the experience of reading many other self help books) is that nowhere will you find any recommendations or suggestions to buy a new software or some other tool to help you implement the tips. Usually most of the self help books that are abundant in the market are all just a ploy to get your attention towards the author’s book first and then when you try to implement any suggestion given in the book to solve your problem, you will be directed towards another tool, another book or a related software to complete the process.

Also the best part about the book is that the reader is given free and unhindered access to view the various phases that the author’s life passes through and analyze and assess the financial decisions he takes as he tackles each life situation that develops one after the another, like his father’s sudden death, his migration to USA, transfer to Germany, loss of a considerable amount of savings in bad stock investment, a car accident and so on.

Each situation that the author describes is generally faced by a common person and that is exactly what helps the reader to relate to each of them and derive lessons and tips from the financial and general decisions taken by the author.

Pleasant and Reader Oriented Format

Finally the format of the book is very eye catching and worthy of special mention. It is nothing like the other books that you get to see in a similar category. While the regular books on financial tips are just a collection of suggestions and pieces of advice, all clumped together as written content, Millionomics comes across to you as a thorough compilation that is aimed at creating a complete informative experience for the reader.

The entire book is generously garnished with charts, graphs, tables and Infographics. These items when properly placed are a boon to the reader and help in better reading experience by providing a much needed break for the eyes after reading some paragraphs of written content. But do not be under the false impression that these embellishments are meant for decoration of the book. Rather it can be safely said that the decorations are just a pleasant side effect, but the actual motive behind placing these items is to help the reader assimilate and understand the information and tips in a better manner and use it as a quick reference to understand the gains, losses and impacts of various financial decisions that the author takes at each step.

Who Should Read Millionomics?

Millionomics is a book that can be recommended for everyone, but teens and young adults can relate better to it. The reason for this is that the author is currently in his late thirties and the book is an account of his financial decisions based on his life situations and experiences.

This book is a great reference for young adults and teens because they will find that the author leads by example. Not a single tip in the entire book is based on general financial opinions or hearsays.

The young generation of today is highly ignorant of proper money management techniques and financial planning that is a necessity for accumulating savings in life. The current economic conditions and the recessions that the world has witnessed in the last couple of years is an eye opener for all of us. The biggest hit of the economic meltdown during the notorious recessions were taken by those who had no knowledge of effective financial planning and therefore had no savings to support them in such a crisis.

It is therefore highly recommended that teachers and parents should encourage their students and children to read this book and use it as a future reference. The book is not only about financial management. It also mentions tips and practical advices with regard to career decisions, and pursuing a hobby and so on and so forth.

Anyone who buys this book can be rest assured that they will receive complete value for their money and the book goes far beyond a good read and will serve as a handy reference.

 What This Book is Not About?

Nowadays what we get are just empty promises. The typical situation builds up something like this. You are browsing online, or maybe browsing through the books in a book store. Your mind and heart are both filled with an aim of finding a good self help book to provide you with a working solution for the problem that you are facing. After you have spent a good amount of time and efforts in searching through the titles, suddenly one title catches both your eye and your attention.

This particular title makes a high and lofty promise and claims to solve that specific problem, which has been bothering you, within the shortest possible time duration. You are elated and relieved at the same time, because you have finally found a solution to your nagging problem and that is exactly what prompts you to go ahead and buy the book. You can’t wait to get to the page where the author of the book will give you detailed instructions on how to solve your problem. But you find yourself turning page after page in anticipation of the magic bullet or the golden key, but despite all your eagerness and keenness, the promised solution never makes an appearance anywhere in the pages that you have already read.

Yet you do not give up hope and continue flipping the pages, thinking that the author must have kept the best for the last. Finally you reach the end of the book and still you are left wondering where the author has hidden the promised solution to your problem. Then at this point, sudden realization dawns upon you that you were fleeced and the entire book was just a filler and the attractive title was just a hype to get that filler content sold.

But Millionomics is NOT that kind of a book which over promises and under delivers. There is no hype, no fluff and no filler material in here. All you will get is the opportunity to take a sneak peak in to the real life experience of the author in managing his finances in an appropriate manner. This book will take you on a journey spanning various years and phases in the life of the author and you will see how he handled various situations in his life, managed his finances accordingly and how these actions finally led to savings over time and helped him in becoming a millionaire.